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What is 5X3?  Lets face it, the world of competitive bass fishing revolves around 5X3. 5 Fish by 3 O’clock!  Whether you are a professional fisherman or just a weekend warrior, having 5 fish in your livewell by weigh-in time (3 o’clock) is a priority.  5X3 is a clothing line that makes sure to keep the focus on the task at hand.  Most importantly, you control your own destiny. In the fishing world, win or lose, no excuses!



Founded in 2003, BABE’S is part of a family business that has been developing and manufacturing industrial chemical products for over 45 years. Together, we combined our talents and energy to create a unique product line specifically for boat and water enthusiasts.  BABE’S Boat Care Products is dedicated to developing quality, commercial grade maintenance products that set the standard for performance and convenience. And, all BABE’S products are environmentally safe.

bbbBig Bite Baits is a leader in the soft plastics industry.  From topwaters to sight fishing to ledge fishing, Big Bite has the right bait for any situation. Being a professional fisherman, it is all about winning. When a tournament is on the line, you can bet that there will be a Big Bite Bait on the end of it!



BulletWebsiteBullet Boats has been building hand built, high quality bass boats for over 30 years.  Our mission has always been to design and manufacture a very durable, designed for tournaments, bass boat, that out performs any other bass boat on the market.  The construction methods and materials we use do not allow for mass manufacturing, so production is limited. Though not large volume, we produce a high quality, hand laid boat that is well designed and constructed for the tournament angler.


Kustom Kicker Jigs spawned from the simple idea that there is no substitute for quality. Money spent on poorly assembled, mass-produced tackle made with the cheapest components is simply money wasted and fish lost. For that reason, you can be assured that every piece of tackle we manufacture is assembled, painted and packaged with the highest attention to detail and the best components we can find. Kustom Kicker is a veteran owned and operated company and all of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in house at our shop in Michigan.



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Sunline is a Japanese fishing line manufacturer established in 1977. The company produces every conceivable type of fishing line for every type of target and method. Materials include nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate), and metal. Sunline maintains top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exports its lines to more than 40 countries worldwide. The fundamental concept at Sunline has always been to develop a thinner, stronger fishing line. The company is constantly challenging itself to give full play to its original technology in the creation of new products.


Cashion Fishing Rods was founded by Dr. Matthew Cashion, who received a Ph.D. in chemistry with a concentration in advanced materials from Virginia Tech.  Upon graduation his ambition was to combine his knowledge of material science with his enthusiasm for fishing.  With his understanding of technologically innovative materials, Cashion Fishing Rods has designed the best fishing rods for any type of fishing.  At Cashion Fishing Rods we have a very simple philosophy, “we will build the best fishing rods to suit your fishing style”.  We build the lightest, most sensitive yet powerful bass fishing rods and saltwater fishing rods for anglers who love to fish.  Cashion Fishing Rods are AMERICAN MADE and we stand behind every fishing rod we build!  Each fishing rod is comprised of only the highest quality components to ensure strength and sensitivity.  Each fishing rod is comprised of only the highest quality components to ensure strength and sensitivity and we offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.


gillGill was originally started for making outerwear garments for sailing.  Gill has now made a push into the North American fishing market. Every suit ran through production is vigorously tested to ensure that nothing but the best is available for consumers. Every need a fisherman has from baselayers to the OS22 outerwear can be fulfilled through Gill of North America.


stealthStealth 1 Charging Systems have been helping anglers fish more and worry less about their batteries. The technology behind the system is that when the cranking battery is charged from running the outboard motor, the charging capability is then transferred to the trolling batteries. Not only does this mean no more worrying about running out of juice but it also means a longer battery life by keeping your batteries charged almost all the time!