About Me:

Full Name: Alan Michael Nealimage

Hometown: Dayton, TN

Born: September 3, 1991

Family: Dad – Mike Neal, Mother- Cathy Brown, Uncle – Rogne Brown,

Grandfather- Alan Brown, Grandmother – Connie Brown, Naomi Hamilton

Hobbies: Hunting

Team: 5X3 Fishing/Babe’s Boat Care

Boat: Bullet 21XRS

Motor: Yamaha 250 SHO

Electronics: Humminbird

# of Years Fishing: 20

# of Years Fishing Competitively: 8

Angling Hero: Andy Morgan- FLW Top 10 record holder as well as 2X AOY

Non-Angling Hero: My dad- Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today

Favorite Technique: Ledge fishing with swimbait

Favorite Lake: Pickwick or Kentucky – somewhere you can ledge fish all year

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mexican

Favorite Music: Rock, Country

Why I Love to Fish: Fishing is the only sport where you compete against something

other than people.  You compete against the fish.  The outcome of the event has

nothing to do with what any other person out there did besides you.  You make the

decisions and the best decisions and adaptations make winners.



12 FLW Top 10’s

$272,756 FLW Winnings

7th FLW AOY Points 2014

2 Time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

4 Top 10’s 2013-2014 FLW Tour Seasons

6 Top 20’s

2nd Place Pickwick Lake 2014

3rd Place Guntersville Rayovac 2014

6th Place Forrest Wood Cup 2013

3rd Place Chickamauga 2013

3rd Place Okeechobee 2013

2012 BFL All-American Qualifier

2011 3 BFL Wins (Guntersville (2), Chickamauga)